Magnificat has undertaken many successful projects in association with Linn Records, including a recording of Thomas Tallis’ forty-part motet Spem in alium that was hailed as “quite the best” by Gramophone Magazine. The ensemble has made three recordings of works by the sixteenth-century Spanish composer Philippe Rogier, and a new series of CDs of music from Tudor England.


Scattered Ashes



Magnificat – The Tudors at Prayer
Magnificat – Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang
Philippe Rogier – Masses from the Missae Sex
Philippe Rogier – Domine Dominus noster

Thomas Tallis – Spem in alium
G.P. da Palestrina – Song of Songs
Philippe Rogier – Missa Ego sum qui sum
Tomás Luis de Victoria – Officium Defunctorum
Music of The Golden Age: Volume 1



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