Philippe Rogier – Domine Dominus noster

“Philippe Rogier’s music
is bursting with lush textures and colours.”

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This celebatory recording by Magnificat showcases the rich, contrapuntal Renaissance style of Philippe Rogier’s music and is bursting with lush textures and colors. Joining Magnificat in this performance is the instrumental group His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts with organ and harp, keeping with the Spanish liturgical music tradition of the 16th century. This full ensemble creates a kaleidoscope of sound with this lively ensemble and complements Rogier’s intricate compositional techniques which includes up to twelve chordal parts in some of the movements. This recording truly demonstrates Rogier’s position as one of the last great Renaissance composers.

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1. Motet: Domine, Dominus noster (5:57)
2. Missa Domine Dominus noster: Kyrie (2:02)
3. Gloria (5:16)
4. Credo (8:35)
5. Sanctus (1:41)
6. Agnus Dei (2:34)
7. Regina Caeli (3:17)
8. Laudate Dominum (3:48)
9. Motet: Domine in virtute tua (6:58)
10. Missa Domine in virtute tua: Kyrie (3:25)
11. Gloria (4:37)
12. Credo (8:35)
13. Sanctus (2:06)
14. Agnus (1:45)
15. Videntes stellam magi (6:37)
16. Verbum caro factum est (6:51)

Running time: 73:00 Mins